GRO Organic Check-off - Comments Needed

On Feb. 24, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) extended the comment period for the Organic Research, Promotion, and Information Order proposed rule (published in the Federal Register on Jan. 17) from Mar. 20 until Apr. 19th 2017.

Upon expiration of the extended comment period, we expect USDA to do a thorough and timely review of the comments and then publish its final proposal in order to facilitate a vote on the proposed program by the organic sector, the final step in the process.

Public Comments
It is important to build a strong record of support in order to convince the new administration to move from a proposed to a final rule (subject to industry vote) to establish the Organic Checkoff.

Now is the time for industry and consumers to submit comments to USDA in support of the proposal. If you are a farmer or business make your comment here  

Forward this one to customers and consumer to make comments:

The deadline to submit comments is April 19th 2017.


Read a few OpEd’s on the subject:


Please use the attached PDF to distribute this information to your colleagues, customers and consumers. 


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