Resources to Help You Develop a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Every year we at UNFI deepen our commitment to our sustainable business practices. We are interested in exploring and expanding the sustainability practices of the members of our supply chain. To this end we offer two resources for you to help build a sustainable business model.

We are inviting our suppliers to participate in the pilot testing of the National Sustainable Agriculture Standard (LEO-4000), which is a comprehensive sustainability standard for agricultural crops. Development of this standard has been spearheaded by Leonardo Academy, and is an opportunity for agricultural producers, processors, and distributors to provide leadership in sustainable agriculture in the supply chain. This pilot will provide valuable practical input for the ongoing refinement of the standard.  You can to view the invitation to participate below or email: .

If you want to measure operations beyond farm-gate and also measure, implement and report on sustainability for your business, The Sustainable Food Trade Association may be a resource. Their mission is to build the capacity of the organic and natural food trade to transition to sustainable business models. Membership with SFTA provides your company the support and resources needed to integrate sustainability throughout your business operations.  If you are interested in addressing the areas of agricultural production and land use, energy use, climate change and emissions, water use and quality, waste reduction, packaging materials, labor, and community engagement for your entire business consider joining SFTA as a member.

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