Learn About UNFI's New Supplier Portal with these Videos!

The rolling launch of UNFI’s new Supplier Portal has begun!  

The UNFI Supplier Portal will allow you to:

  • Directly manage of all of your own contact and warehouse information, ensuring that UNFI has the most up-to-date and relevant information for your business.
  • Add additional users to the UNFI portal from your organization, and appoint a broker to use the portal on your behalf.
  • Submit new items directly in the portal and track the status of your item so you always know exactly where it is in the process.
  • (Coming soon) Submit promotions

To support you in transitioning to the Supplier Portal, we have provided a Quick Reference Guide, and a series of short tutorial videos. 

Intro and Log-in

Navigating the Dashboard

Creating and Editing Account Information

Creating and Editing Warehouse Information

Submitting a New Item


For help or to give us feedback, please send an email to SupplierSupport@unfi.com and one of our support analysts will assist you.

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