New Item Setup Assistance

The National Supplier Development team offers webinar sessions for assistance and training on the new supplier and new item packet and required forms.  To schedule training, choose a topic from the list below and contact Allison Hughes at 

Training topics:

  • New Supplier Information Form and Documentation Required
  • New Item Form – all tabs
  • Supplier Product Certificates and Attachments Required

The National Supplier Development team is always available to answer specific questions or offer assistance when you are in the process of completing paperwork – just email 

The team is focused on efficient, accurate and timely set up of your approved new items. We need your support of the new item process by providing all the necessary information.  The information and documents requested in the new item packet are needed to insure your item is correctly added to our systems. Key information includes:

Product Label – The label must be submitted in original Adobe PDF format in flat form so all sides may be viewed. The product label is used by UNFI to verify data for our systems, including:

  • UPC for customer ordering;
  • brand name to ensure correct UNFI catalog listing and retailer product recognition;
  • product storage temperature and proper handling requirements;
  • label attribute claims such as Organic, Gluten Free, Fair Trade
  • product ingredient listing for our publications and customer website

Organic Certificates – Organic products are a central to our industry and we are required by our customers and by law to have documentation supporting the information we publish. Certificates must:

  • have a current date
  • list the product as described on the label including the brand and the size if multiple sizes are available
  • comply with FDA, NOP (National Organic Program) or EU (European Equivalent) standards. Please visit the NOP website for complete information at

Supplier price list – A complete supplier price list showing cost information for all supplier warehouse locations. Remember this price list will be used by UNFI nationally - please provide a pricelist that we can use for all of our warehouse locations.

The price list should include:

  • fob cost
  • delivered price if available
  • bracket costs for volume purchases offered

Supplier specification sheet – A complete listing of all product specifications is very important for the correct set up of your item in the UNFI system and published to our customers. The specification sheet should include:

  • item, inner and case dimensions
  • pack and inner pack size(s)
  • all applicable UPC codes for the item and/or case
  • gross case weight
  • product storage requirements
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