Supplier In-Site (SIS)

The Supplier In-Site program or (SIS) is designed for UNFI suppliers as a web based reporting tool, providing SKU specific reports with detail from UNFI’s Top 500 Independent Retailers. The Top 500 independents represent 70% of Independent Channel Sales.

There are 26 reports available through SIS, most of which are updated on a quarterly basis. Void reports, Speed to Shelf and Top Items Falling off the Shelf Reports will all help track placement in UNFI’s Top 500 independents. Each supplier has the ability to customize the top 500 stores with unique territory and rep assignments. The territory and rep assignments are specific to each company and can be focused on Sales Teams, Broker Reps, and/or geographical locations. SIS also provides the reporting to track sales through UNFI Distribution Centers using the Sales by State and Sales by UPC reports.

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