Opening Orders and Retailer Placements

UNFI’s retail Customers generally require complimentary goods support for any new items or new stores. Because Suppliers typically do not have a financial relationship directly with the retailer, these charges are normally passed through UNFI and are either a lump sum payment / deduction agreed to between Supplier and Customer or in the value of a free product equivalent. The value of the placement is calculated at the item wholesale price, as UNFI will have performed the supply chain and SG&A (selling, general and administrative expenses) activity to distribute the new items to the account and in many cases physically cut them into the sections. It is expected that all Suppliers agree to support these programs. If the Supplier is unwilling to support their placement cost into retail distribution and recognizing that UNFI has no consumer equity with the brand or item (which is solely enjoyed by the Supplier), UNFI will not fund this program and will not offer the item as part of our assortment with the Customer. UNFI requires that Suppliers complete the Opening Order Form, which is available below.

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