Electronic MCBs - Submit Your Email Address

Beginning on October 22, 2014, we will begin sending all suppliers electronic MCB reports and eliminate paper reports. If you have not already provided your contact email information, please provide for the point of contact that should receive the report per the instructions below:

Create an Excel spreadsheet in the format below, fill in the fields and email (as an attachment) to deductions@unfi.com.

Your remit # is located on the bottom left corner of your check remittance and your company name should be as noted on your check.  At this time, we only have the ability to send the report to one email address so please take that into consideration. When emailing your contact information, whether initially or to revise, please put “Electronic MCB” in the subject line.

Remit #

Company name




Please direct any questions or comments to Joe Gordon at rgordon@unfi.com.

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