7 Simple Steps to UNFI’s New Item Portal Submission

Step 1: Read through the entire CHECKLIST included here. Any inaccurate/missing information will be returned for completion and will delay setup.

Step 2: It’s time to find all of the documents you have on file for your business. Guarantee of Sales, Price/Spec Sheet, Flat Labels, Marketing Images. This is also the time to locate any certificates you have as they relate to your products being Kosher, Non-GMO, Organic and/or Fair Trade. Make sure they are up to date and not expiring in the coming months.

Step 3: Add all of your attachments to your packet using the MANAGE FILES section. This will make it easier to attach them to the appropriate sections throughout the packet. If you have multiple items to upload in your packet, make sure to use the DUPLICATE ITEM function.

Step 4: Begin completing the Basic Info Tab and Pricing & Specs tabs. Remember: Everything entered into the portal must match what is uploaded. If something isn’t matching between your attachments and portal entry, your packet will be declined and may delay your packet. GSA must be physically signed in PDF format. Labels should be inclusive to the UPC, showing front and back panel and nutritionals. Price/Spec sheet must include everything entered in the portal.

Step 5: Begin completing Product Attributes and Shelf Life/Expiration tabs. If uploading certificates, make sure the certs uploaded include the items you’re setting up. For Shelf life, UNFI Requires 75%. If less than that is given, the second cell will turn yellow, but still allows you to move forward. Anything less than 75% will require Supplier Manager approval and may delay your packet.

Step 6: Fill in the Shipper Components if needed and New Item Promotions tabs. Most new item sets ups require a 90 Day 15 OI% unless previously discussed with your SM. Always make sure your packet includes this discount to ensure quicker set up.

Step 7: Your packet is ready to go. Have you checked that your price and spec sheet match what you entered in the portal? Do your labels and images match the portal? Remember, everything must match! If yes, you’re ready to submit.

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