Supplier Portal Release 4.8




SPE-699 – Products – Add Product Packet ID to UI
The Product Packet ID has been added to the User Interface. This will allow easy identification of a packet. 


SPE-700 – Products – Add Product Packet ID to Export


SPE-701 – Products – Add Product Packet – Item Detail export to Product Dashboard
Add "Export Packet Details" button to Product Dashboard


SPE-717 – Products Dashboard – Change “Workflow Status Update” to “Status Update” to narrow column

SPE-718 – Products Dashboard – Assignment Columns
The Assigned label on the Product Dashboard was changed to the lock icon.
A new column was added labeled “Assigned To” that will display to the right of the lock. 


SPE-741 – Products – Shelf Life – Add tooltip to report shelf life in Num of Days
In an effort to help users entering in Shelf Life information, “Number of Days” is displayed



SPE-744 – Promotions – Removed Select Nutrition Drop Down from Promotion Form
The Select Wellness Promotions are not going to be supported by the business going forward. 



SPE-686 – Reporting – Remove SIS Reports

The following reports were removed from the SIS report drop down.  These will be removed for all suppliers with reporting access.

  • Independent Data Mining 1 - Supplier Category Share Summary Total
  • Independent Data Mining 1 - Supplier Category Share Summary Total
  • Independent Data Mining 2 - Supplier Voids Detail Total
  • Independent Sales Trend Report Total
  • Speed to Shelf Detail Report Total
  • Speed to Shelf Summary Report Total
  • Void Summary Report Total


SPE-730– Reporting – Add Vendor Sales Customer Details (weekly) Report to SCCV Reporting Access Flag



SPE-743 – Warehouse – Add Manage Files feature with new upload field
A new field was added to the Supplier Warehouse record. This field is called “Upload Additional Files”. The purpose of this field is to allow additional documentation to be uploaded to the Warehouse. The Manage Files functionality will be available to load the files. The acceptable files need to be jpeg, jpg,png, gif, pdf, xls, xlsx and less than 10 MB.
The Freight Form File Upload will now allow for the Managed Files functionality to be enabled. A Freight Form is still required and needs to be in .xls, xlsx, file size less then 10 MB.



SPE-749– Login – Supplier Portal v number disappears after failed login attempt
SPE-755- Unable to Delete an item without reloading the page
SPE-770 – Error: Label Required for New Item Packet BLOCKER

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