myUNFI Carrier Appointment Module Overview

After navigating to your Carrier Appointment Dashboard, your screen will display available load and appointment information. Your tabs may appear different than the example given depending on your Carrier type.

          For example, your company may not have Standing Appointments at any UNFI Distribution Centers, therefore your Standing Appointment tab will be blank.




  1. If you are associated to multiple Carrier Companies, you can switch Carriers in My Profile
  2. Your myUNFI main header remains with your currently selected Carrier shown.
  3. Load tab displays offered Loads available to be scheduled for delivery to a designated UNFI Distribution Center
  4. Standing tab lists all available reoccurring appointments for specific UNFI DCs.                              NOTE: Purchase Orders can be added to Standing Appointments. New Standing Appointments can only be created by emailing a Master Scheduler.
  5. Upcoming tab displays all confirmed appointments
  6. Past tab displays six (6) months of historical cancelled and landed appointments.
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