Create an Appointment for Vendor Ship POs (VSP)


 1. On the main Carrier Appointments Dashboard click New Appointment



2. The Create Appointment screen will display. Your Carrier company will pre-populate.  


3. Choose your Carrier Contact from the drop-down list.


4. Choose your UNFI Destination Distribution Center from the drop-down list. This selection will load available Purchase Order based on the DC chosen.



5. Select one or more Purchase Orders to add to your appointment.

You can search for multiple POs at a time by entering PO numbers separated by commas in the Search by PO number field. (i.e.  014394886,416210643)



Selected POs will appear beneath the list in the Selected POs table.

You can click on the X to remove a PO from your appointment.



6. Choose your Load Type from the drop-down list.


7. Up to (3) Three appointment time slots will appear.  Click the radio button next to the time that works for you to deliver the load. 



8. To request an alternate time slot, click the Request Another Time Slot expander.

Enter your desired Date and Time and any additional information.

 Your request will be sent to the Master Scheduler along with your placeholder timeslot from step 7.


9. Once you have selected a time, click the Confirm to submit or Cancel to exit.



Important Notes about Requested Appointments:

  • At this step, the appointment is not confirmed
  • A member of UNFI’s Inbound Logistics (IBL) team will review the appointment request and send a confirmation message from the following email:
  • In the event the appointment time is not available, you will receive a second email notification with a rescheduled delivery time.
  • If you do not receive an email within (1) one business day, check the Upcoming Appointments tab to see if the appointment was successfully scheduled.
  • If the appointment is not scheduled, contact you DC’s Master Scheduler.
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